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Empleos Imaginamos

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Current offerings


Those who want to make digital transformation inclusive


IDX connects people, distribute content and teach digital transformation using a very unique narrative. It integrates the ecosystem and changes the way we see entrepreneurship, innovation and transformation and inspire us to act and contribute to the economy of our region. ¿Do you want to be part of this project? Join us.


Those who want to make beautiful, more beautiful.


User interface designers teach us that amazing projects come along with amazing design. Building apps capable to transform and improve the life of millions with beautiful, modern and well-thought design is our non-stop mission. Can you WOW people with your creativity? If that so, this is your place.


Those who want to build something that matters


User Experience is all about details. Making a good product means that every interaction, touchpoint, button and image matters. It means to build passionately  for people and with a human-centric approach. Can you map this journeys and understand what lies underneath the detail? If changing the life of millions through meticulous product-building is your passion, this is your place. Join us.


Those who want to make it possible


We craft beautiful and unique digital experiences. With more than ten years of knowledge and expertise we design and code clean awesome websites and apps, we build brands and help them succeed! In order to achieve all of the above we need a perfect leader to guide the team and help encourage companies to transform digitally and work with us. We want to build long term loyal relationships with our clients, therefore we need a person to manage every project and every personality with the best disposition,