Gana [Spanish for ´win´], the biggest transaction network in Antioquia, came to Imaginamos with a slogan: to create an intranet to be the internal communication platform for more than 4,000 direct employees. In the process, they noticed they needed to renew their webpage, and create an app. Imaginamos was – and will be – there.

Gana offers money transfers, cellphone top ups, money collections, insurance, and gambling services. Also, Gana is the company in charge of licensing games of chance. Gana has, with the support of Imaginamos, achieved to go beyond the traditional models of our customers´gambling experience: a “win-win”, sponsored by digital transformation.

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How did Gana come to meet us?

Gana came to Imaginamos through CRM. They were looking for a company to develop intranets. Through this process, they realized they needed to update their page, and to reinvent the way gambling online occurred. Gana needed to go beyond, and develop a gambling experience which would not only be attractive, but which would allow younger audiences to learn to play, and obtain a simulator to educate customers.

It was thus how Gana opened a call to tender for the development of a web page and an app. Imaginamos won the tender, and obtained the entire package.

Errors turned into satisfaction

The project was developed for two reasons essentially: to renew the image of the brand, and to attract new generations.

Banner Gana

The process was hard in the beginning, there were issues with delivery time, the team was not ideal, and the communication was rather ineffective. These issues made the project development take longer than it was planned for. However, Imaginamos worked on the corresponding adjustments, implemented daily meetings in which the advances were reviewed, and new tasks were set.

Imaginamos was always on top of things, and knew how to redirect through difficult times, always a part of big projects. “Mistakes are bound to happen, things are bound to fail. We need to be patient, and move forward,says Julián Ochoa, Imaginamos Senior Account Manager in Medellín.

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The main error Imaginamos and Gana made two years ago, at the beginning of the process, was to think of the project as a finite delivery, without identifying partial deliveries to obtain early victories. There must be a team behind a transaction project, a team that is there to constantly develop the product.

When the product was delivered and launched, Gana wanted various adjustments and corrections; however, the programmers were already working on other projects, reason why Gana understood the importance of having a digital team in its company. They currently have an exclusive full-time Imaginamos team working for their platforms.

Slider Gana

The month after this launch, the page did around 32,000 transactions. People at Gana were concerned because their monthly transaction average was 50,000. They would not understand this was “normal,” a consequence of changing a page after 10 years. Surprise came 4 months later when more than 58,000 transactions were taking place.

Gana´s success has been the result of constant and disciplined work; it is important to mention that almost 80 PQRs (Petitions Queries Requests) arrived daily during the first two months. However, as we received suggestions from the customers, we managed to stabilize the page. Today, after all the difficulties, Imaginamos has achieved customers to rely on our projects. They have seen our ability to face and overcome problems.  

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Anuncio Gana

Step by step of the proyect

  1. Product call to tender. Imaginamos did an immersion in Gana for a week in order to understand how the business works. The product was designed there, and they gave their approval. The link and functionalities of the product were also defined.
  2. After the design, the intranet, web, and app sketches were made.

    Mobile Gana

  3. Guarantees: when the product was launched, Gana realized about the need to make adjustments. These adjustments could not be made inmediately given the workload the developers had. So, they understood they needed to have a team that worked for Gana exclusively, reason why Imaginamos suggested an exclusive team for Gana as well as a work methodology that would allow for responding to the requirements in the least time possible.

The lesson

Part of what we learned at Imaginamos was the acknowledgement of offering customers the option of a dedicated team with special profiles when the request so demands.

Sorteos Gana

To establish a work methodology was also paramount to the success and effectiveness of the project. Establishing this methodology was important so it would be possible to report failures, generate requests, and classify failures according to their level of criticality. Once created, the order and response capacity improved. In fact, Imaginamos responds and schedules requests in a process which does not take longer than 15 minutes.

Imaginamos understood, in a wider spectrum, that a digital transformation project is not finite, and that it requires an increased effort. We need to be committed 24/7, to understand the company, the company´s product portfolio, its culture, and to be able to implement that in the digital field.

What's next

Though the Gana app is already available, Imaginamos is working to take it to the same level of the website; we are also expecting for it to be transactional, and not to be redirected to the web. The intranet is still in process and about to be launched.

The most important aspect is that Gana has taken up digital transformation, and has set to conceive and design new games, games that we expect to continue developing digitally at Imaginamos to take the gambling experience to a different level.